AIA – Indian Heritage American Commitment

AIA - The Association of Indians In America

Indian Heritage American Commitment

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Speech by AIA National President, Gobind Munjal

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What is AIA ? Cultural Diversity Social Harmony

The Association of Indians In America, was formed with the following objectives

• To promote the welfare of Asian Indians in the US and to address issues of integration with mainstream America.

• To encourage and facilitate the participation of AIA members and others in the development and progress of India through charitable, cultural and educational activities.

• To promote the image of India in the US by showing its rich culture and traditions through various events.

History of AIA

The Association of Indians in America is the oldest National Association of Asian Indians in America. It was founded on August 20, 1967 after the United States Congress passed the 1965-66 Immigration Act, repealing the Asian Exclusion Act of 1917. The Constitution of the AIA was adopted in 1970 and was incorporated in 1971. AIA obtained the IRS exempt status in 1973.

AIA is the grassroot National Organization of Asian Immigrants in the United States, fostered on the democratic principles of “one member one vote”, with chapters and membership spread across the United States of America. AIA represents the hopes and aspirations of those immigrants who are united by their common bond of “Indian Heritage and American Commitment”.


To concern itself with the social welfare of Indians in United States, and to help them become a part of the mainstream of American life. 

To facilitate involvement of the members of the Association of Indians in America and others in American community life through Charitable, Educational and Cultural activities.

To facilitate participation by the membership of the AIA and others in the development and progress of India through Charitable, Cultural and Educational activities and to facilitate communication and co-operation among the people Of Indian Heritage worldwide.


  1. Minority Status to Asian Indian Immigrants in 1970’s
  2. Tax Exempt Status   Certificate Jan 1973.
  3. Separate Enumeration of Asian Indians for the first time in US censuses an independent category in 1980
  4. Representation before Congressional committees to testify for family reunification provision in the immigration bill.
  5. Represented at federal, state and local level of governments, in case of bias or discrimination against the Asian Indians.
  6. Represented on Foreign medical graduates committee of AMA, effectively addressing the issues of discrimination and licensing of Indian physicians.
  7. Relief work for Natural Disaster in India and across the World.
  8. Raising funds to help the victims of 1993 Midwest floods in America
  9. “Project India” an ongoing project of AIA, has channeled Medical Equipment and Funds for Projects and HIV relief work in India.
  10. Voter registration drive.
  11. Acharya Awards Instituted in 1995 to recognize and honor school teachers of Indian descent in USA
  12. Sushruta and charka Award – Instituted in 1993 to recognize and honor people of Indian origin in the field of Medicine and Health care.
  13. Deepavali celebration for public: New York City: at South Street Seaport an ongoing event, since 1987, enjoyed by close to More than 100,000  people  in tri state residents.
  14. Recognition of Diwali by City Council in 2004 and suspension of alternate street parking in all the 5 borrows of NYC in 2005 onwards .
  15. Celebration of Diwali in City hall in 2003, and in Gracie mansion in 2004
  16. Celebration of Diwali at the White house in 2004.
  17. Association Welcomed Olympic Torch in NYC in 2004
  18. Obtained  Re-certification of AIA  with  IRS, thereby bringing up to date all pending Tax  issues and ensured AIA’s  tax compliant status as a 501 c3 organization Nov 2018 .
  19. Certificate  of incorporation by State of NY  June 11 2021.
  20. AIA  Golden Anniversary  Gala    DEC 1st  2018.
  21. Raising the Funds and supplying Blankets and clothing’s  to the  victims  Earthquake Disaster  in  Puerto Rico in 2018.
  22. Fund raising   and construction of school  – destroyed by Flood Disaster  in  Ayoor Village Kerala  in 2018.
  23. Covid 2019  America : Distributed  10,000 gloves and masks  Hot meals to front line workers, Groceries to Needy People  and distribution of winter jackets to children in home shelters in New York area.
  24. Raising funds $ 250,000.00 and supplied groceries to more than 13,000 families in Washington  DC.
  25. Covid  19  India : Raising the funds and send Oxygen concentrators and Ventilators and PPE, Gave $ 26,000.00  to PM Fund  and Groceries to Needy people.
  26. Raising the funds  and   Construction of High School  at  Khanwa Village of  Bharatpur  Rajasthan 2021.