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Project INDIA

AIA is a non-profit organization, established in 1967 with a vision to improve and strengthen understanding between peoples thru cultural and social activities. AIA established Project India charter to support causes in India, especially with focus on health and specifically on AIDS Awareness and Prevention.


In late 2005, we made a commitment to supporting a renowned NGO called Gujarat AIDS Awareness and Prevention (GAP), based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat founded in 1989 and is recognized as the pioneer organization in the field of HIV/AIDS. It is a lead non-governmental organization – a resource center for information, advocacy and counseling.
In 2006, we proudly partnered with The Brooklyn Hospital Center (TBHC), well known for its Programs for AIDS Treatment and Health (PATH) Center.  It has received state and national recognition for its pioneering work in comprehensive HIV/AIDS care.
Thanks to help from many friends of the Organization and believers of the cause, we have expanded our activities to reach 20 villages within 100 KMS from Ahmedabad, Gujarat where there is no medical assistance.  AIA’s Project India has contributed over $ 100,000 to GAP Organization, to fully fund the Rural Outreach Program, focused on prevention of HIV/AIDS through education and awareness. Program has touched lives of over 600 patients, who would not survive without AIA’s financial contribution, work of the GAP volunteers, assisted by the Medical experts from the Brooklyn Hospital.

Strategic Approach:

“Building Awareness”:

  • In 2005, created, published and distributed “Hetal-1” and “Hetal-2” informational booklets for adolescents on reproductive and sexual health. The book has been distributed to more than 6,000 high school students.

“Building Patient Trust”:

  • Since 2005, Annual trip by the Physicians from the Brooklyn Hospital Center has made a significant impact in the lives of the patients. The mutual trust has resulted into early diagnosis, wholistic treatment and continued care.

“Mobile Medical Unit”:

  • The Mobile Unit, which is a large transportable tent serves as a magnet for the community activities, including patient examination and treatment.

Key Accomplishments:

Health Check Up Camps:

    • Patient care center, where patients and families could be ensured confidentiality and trust.
    • Counseling sessions conducted to provide help to the care givers, including on nutrition and hygiene 

Home Visits:

    • Critical in motivating patients, monitoring care and providing counseling, supplementary nutritive food and hygiene kits. Every three months to monitor physical and mental health via counseling.


    • To date, provided ART treatment to over 250 patients

Information Sessions:

    • Annual lecture series, for doctors in ART Centers under Gujarat State AIDS Control Society

Looking Ahead…………

Build Up Local Capacity:

Family Health Education For Adolescent Program: 

  • This Program will give training to selected ten schools of Borsad Taluka of Anand district. Program consists of classroom intervention for the ninth grade students. Plan to train about 950 students.
  • Last month, conducted teacher’s training program and school interventions in the Malpur and Megharaj villages of Sabarkatha district as a result, 983 students were trained.

This approach and training methodology was praised by Dr. Ramesh Vadi eminent Physician from Ahmedabad and the president of Giants group. Teachers and students are receptive and attentive and complimented GAP and AIA for their vision in designing a Training Program that is effective and deals with a serious subject with ease and simplicity.

How Can You Help?

We have hosted gatherings and interesting events throughout the years to help increase the awareness and understanding towards the Project. As an example; last year, we hosted two events.

  • May 2009 : We thank Restaurants Bombay Bistro, Devi and Tamarind for their generous contributions that made “Sip, Savor and Support” event a great success.
  • November 2009: We were proud to partner with the MIAAC, the Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council’s New York City’s Indian film festival when we hosted the New York Premier Screening of ‘Two Paise for Sunshine Four Annas for Rain’ . AIA was thankful to the overwhelming response from its supporters to a “Sold Out” show followed by a Reception, held at the New School venue.


Funds are limited, and yet we must not forget those who are in greater need of our help than ever before. Continuation of financial assistance is critical as lives are dependent on our support. We are proud that your every dollar goes to the cause as we do not have any administrative costs. We seek your continued support for this very worthy project. We are available to provide you with additional information as required.

  • Save a Life:
    • $ 350 per patient – provides for required ARV treatment
  • Prevention of Transmission of HIV virus from Mother to Child:
    • $ 200 per expectant mother
  • Nutrition Support:
    • $ 100 per patient
  • Training of local Healthcare Worker:
    • $ 50 per worker

Committee Members:

Chair:  Smiti Khanna
Hansa Ashar – Mahendra Ashar – Ranju Batra – Asmita Bhatia – Rajan Ganghar – Santosh Khera – Manoj Mehta – Kailash Rawat
Sudhir Sachdev – Divya Shah – Divya Tandon – Puneet Tandon
Medical Advisors: Lenny Berkowitz, MD – Yvonne Kingon – B, Manvar, MD, Ramesh Gulrajani, MD
GAP, India: Parmanand Dalwadi
AIA National President: Animesh Goenka

Please make check payable to: Project India/The Association of Indians In America: 30 Oxford Street, Old Bethpage, NY 11804 Tax Id: 23-7192936