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Prevention of Covid-19 Pandemic By Vaccine

As you all know Covid-19 is the most Deadliest Disease next to Spanish Flu in 1918. As of that time there was no Vaccine and no treatment available and so 1/3rd of the world population died of Spanish Flu. 

Today, in the world more than 80 million got affected by  Covid-19 and more than 1.7 million died. In the USA, alone, the number of deaths because of Covid as of today Jan 3rd is 350,000 and 20M got affected. 

The second wave caused by the mutation of the virus started in Europe, Australia and Indonesia.

We are very fortunate that because of our knowledge of high technology, the vaccine has been developed for Coronavirus also Known as SARS Cov-2. It is the most promising approach for controlling the Pandemic. We hope it could be available to all of us, before the 2nd wave hits the Country.

The COVID -19 mRNA vaccine is approved by FDA in the USA. There are two vaccines available, One is by Pfizer has to be stored at a very low temperature ( -70 to – 90 C ), and Moderna Vac. can be stored at room temperature. 

Two doses by injection, 3 weeks apart for Pfizer and 4 weeks apart for Moderna are required. Protective antibodies develop 50 to 70% a week after 1st injection and 95% develop a week after 2nd injection by both the vaccines.  

There are common side effects such as pain at the site of injection, headache, fever and fatigue etc.

The vaccine is given, first to the Front- Line Workers in the Hospital and the Pts. in the Nursing Home. Then it will be given to people with underlying Chronic Illnesses and Senior Citizens 

It is not recommended for Children under 16 years of age and Pregnant Women. 

But in spite of taking Vaccine, to Protect your family and community, one  must continue wearing the mask, keeping distance and frequently use Sanitizer because if you come in contact with a virus, you become the carrier and you can spread the virus. 

We hope in the Year 2021, everyone will get the vaccine and will have good health. 

Have a very Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year 2021…

Urmilesh Arya MD
President National AIA